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PRISM Open Beta

· 5 min read
Miles 'wedtm' Smith
Cofounder & CTO
Matt Pfeifer
Cofounder & CEO

The PRISM Open Beta is now live and we can't be more proud of our team.

PRISM (Predictive Reasoning/Inference on Solana Mainnet) is Trustless Engineering Corporation's flagship platform to deliver generative AI and predictive machine learning analytics to the Solana blockchain. These bespoke agents and models provide a simple, powerful API that can be turned into new products & features for Solana.

The pain point we are targeting with PRISM is this: AI is engineering-intensive, it's infrastructure-intensive, and if you don't do it right, it can become hard to scale. It's even harder on Solana, since blocks settle every 400ms. We did the hard work first with scalability and modularity, so that businesses can plug into our APIs and just build without all the startup cost.

This starts with AI agents that have direct access to live Solana data, improves with agent transactability, and finally moves to our flagship machine learning models that are meant to change the way we think about risk and interoperability on Solana.

Let's dive in.